Erin Gregg Healing Artistry offers a well rounded array of healing modalities to customize your experience to support your Individual needs.

As an intuit/empath, Erin uses energy, crystals, essential oils and color to help cleanse, balance and align chakras to promote healing.


What We Offer


Energy: It's like Reiki on steroids:

A high powered treatment that will purge impurities to restore and rejuvenate you.


A sensory healing treatment using essential oils aromatically, topically or both.

Crystal Therapy: 

Crystals and stones are used to remove blockages and get things flowing in this transformative treatment.

Chromatherapy: It's all about color:

Corresponding colored light, crystals and essential oils are used to restore proper balance and function to the chakras.


Life Path: Wonder where your'e headed? Need some help to navigate the path?

Erin's intuitive guidance maybe just the thing to get your feet firmly planted. 

Tarot Card: Have questions about your life? Let the cards do the talking.

Use the ancient language of Tarot to connect to your guides and get the answers you need.

Past Life: Wondering where you've been and how it affects you in this life?

This reading will connect the dots and help you sort through a part of your history to help you understand your present more clearly. 


Meditation 101: Do you struggle with stress? Wrestle with anxiety? Want to meditate but don't know where to start?

Learn how to refocus your mind, open your heart and create your way to a healthier you through guided meditation.

Custom Blended Remedies

Want to take the healing power home with you? 

Essential oils are one of natures answers to what ails you. These potent little extracts can help protect against physical and emotional imbalances of all kinds. Through in depth consultation and intuitive guidance, Erin can create a custom blend for just about anything. 


30/30: The Best of Both Worlds.

The perfect blend of reading and energy to get you feeling cleansed, balanced, aligned and centered. "lighten up, Francis"

Oil Blend/Meditation Connection: (30 Min Session)

Connect to your blend on a deeper level for optimal results, through a short guided mediation.